Most forms will have some sort of agreement/policy to be read prior to signing. The best place to include this on your form is from within Finger-Ink. 

There's a space to include anything you'd like your patients to read prior to signing. This can be added to the "confirmation" section from within the Finger-Ink form editor.

To include your own agreement or policy to a form, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Forms section of the app
  • Tap on the form you'd like to edit
  • Scroll to the section labeled "confirmation" down the bottom and add whatever you'd like to the text box

(Here's where you should add your terms and conditions, consent agreement, or any sort of policies you want your patient to see before they sign)

Tapping the 'x' will close the form editor and save any changes you made.

(Here's what it will look like to your patients when they fill out your form)

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