When starting a form for your patient or client, the first thing they will see is an "Introduction screen" - a screen introducing your clinic, explaining the "paperwork" they're filling out, or just a general "hello!". 

(The standard title and message that comes with Finger-Ink)

You can customise the title and message of each of your forms as follows:

  1. From the forms section, tap on the form you'd like to change to open up the form editor.
  2. Scroll down to the section called "introduction".
  3. Change the text of the title to your desired liking. Pro tip: A short word or two is best here as there's limited space.
  4. Change the text of the message to your desired liking.
  5. Tap the "x" when finished and your changes will be saved.

(The introduction section within Finger-Ink form editor)

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