Adding custom questions to the built-in intake form is handled in a way that may seem a little backwards at first, but bear with me. Instead of adding custom questions to the built-in intake form, you'll actually add the built-in intake questions to your custom form.


Let me explain - Finger-Ink comes with a number of built-in questions which are all used within the built-in Intake form. These questions are built in because they are unique in that they are used to update a patient's record in Cliniko. If they weren't built-in, we'd have no way of knowing which questions should be used to update what information stored on your patient record. 

For example, our built-in email question maps directly to the email field in Cliniko so that whichever answer your patient provides, that answer will be used in the correct place within Cliniko.

(Here's one of our patients filling in his email address in Finger-Ink using the built-in email question)

(And here's his updated email address in Cliniko once he's completed the form, by way of our built-in email question)

We've made these questions available to be used on any form so that you can still have the correct mapping of information out-of-the-box. 

So with that in mind, adding custom questions to the Intake form is actually done by adding the intake questions to your custom form.

Here's an example of a custom Intake form we made:

(Questions under the "general" tab are the built-in intake questions)

(Questions under the "medical history" tab are our custom questions)

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