If you're looking for anything more than the built-in Intake form that comes with Finger-Ink, you'll need to add a new form altogether (even if you just want to add a single question to the Intake form).

Adding new/custom forms in Finger-Ink is done by linking a Treatment Note Template from Cliniko and converting it into a form in Finger-Ink. When you choose which template to use as a form, we'll do all the tricky stuff and convert your template into our wizard-style form.

Before you get started adding a new form, it's best to understand how it works and what to expect. Here are some quick things to know before creating your first form from a treatment note template:

How things looks between Cliniko and Finger-Ink:

(Our treatment note template as seen in Cliniko)

(Our treatment note template as seen by your patients using Finger-Ink)

What happens when your patient completes the form:

Upon completion of a form, you should expect 3 things to happen.

  1. The patient's record in Cliniko is updated using the built-in questions.

(This patient's details were updated using the Finger-Ink app)

2) The questions and answers from the treatment note template are used to create a treatment note draft.

(A treatment note draft created by our patient filling out a form with Finger-Ink)

3) A signed PDF copy of the form is uploaded to the patient's attachments section.

(Our PDF created from Finger-Ink found in the patient's attachments section)

(What our signed PDF looks like that was attached to the patient's file)

Ready to make your own form?

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