Finger-Ink has a few built-in questions that are used to update a patient's record directly. When you add a form from an existing Cliniko Treatment Note Template, these built-in questions are automatically included in your custom form by default in the first section in your form called "general".

Because of this, you should omit questions like these when configuring your template.

Note: if you only want to ask some of these on your custom form, that's OK — any of these can be turned on or off within Finger-Ink as you see fit.

Here are the built-in questions we include in your form:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Medicare Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers (home, work, mobile, other)
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Referral
  • Invoice Details

Here's what it looks like while editing the form in Finger-Ink:

Here's what it looks like once your patient has filled these out:

And here's the result — updated patient data in Cliniko:

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