(This is step 2 of a 4-step guide on creating a custom form)

Now that we've created our template in Step 1, it's time to add it to Finger-Ink as a form.

Open up the Finger-Ink app and navigate to the "Forms" section. Then in the top righthand corner, tap Add form > from Cliniko Treatment Note Template:

This will display a list of all your treatment note templates from Cliniko. Choose the consent form we created in the previous step:

This will convert your treatment note template into a Finger-Ink form - yay!

The form editor should then pop up automatically (if it doesn't, just tap on the new form that was created):

This is where we can make further changes to the form beyond what's allowed in Cliniko's template editor. 

Scroll down to the "general" section and tap "hide all":

(psst...If you're wondering where these questions came from, it's actually questions we've added ourselves. If you can bear with us for the time being, I promise we'll explain why they're here later on in this example!).

We then want to turn the name question back on. (Remember we omitted the name question from the template in Cliniko? This is why; it's built-in to Finger-Ink)

To turn it on just flip the switch back on for the name question:

Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the "confirmation" section. 

We're going to change the text here, so go ahead and enter in the following text:

By signing your name, you agree to the terms as stated.

At this point, we're done configuring our form. Tap the "x" in the upper righthand corner to close this screen and save the changes.

In the next step, we'll take the newly configured form for a test run.

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