(This is step 3 of a 4-step guide on creating a custom form)

Now that we've created a template in Step 1 and configured the form in Step 2, we're going to give it a run through to see how it looks and how it works.

The first thing we want to do is quickly hop over to Cliniko and create an appointment for a test patient to be seen today. 

If you don't have a fake/test patient set up, go ahead and create a new one. In this example, we'll create an appointment for our test patient, Jerrie Hatrick (I know, a terrible pun). 

Then hop back over to Finger-Ink and you should see your new appointment:

Tap on the appointment. Then tap on our "Consent" form that we created in the previous steps:

This will actually launch the form so it can be filled out. Go ahead and fill it out, making note of the "questions" we created in the Cliniko template (from Step 1) as well as the name question we turned on (from Step 2).

When you get to the end, you'll also notice the "confirmation" text that we changed in Step 2:

Now tap confirm and sign your name. Then tap "use this signature" to complete the form:

At this point you've completed the form. You can now exit by tapping the super secret exit button in the bottom righthand corner, which will bring you back to the "admin area" of the app (i.e the area your patients aren't supposed to see):

Now let's go see what's actually happened with this form!

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