Using one of our pre-defined hashtags in a question title on a Treatment Note Template will change the behaviour of that question in Finger-Ink — once it's been imported into Finger-Ink as a Form.

The pre-defined hashtags available are:

  • #privacy-policy

  • #other-policy

  • #required

  • #info

In order to demonstrate how each works, here's an example Treatment Note Template I've setup in Cliniko (note the hashtags at the end of the question titles):


The #privacy-policy tagged question will display the text entered as the "default answer", with buttons to accept or not. This answer gets recorded in the produced PDF, and also flows through to populate the "privacy policy" field on the patient in Cliniko 🇪🇺.


An #other-policy tag can be used to present information the same way, with the same buttons. The difference between this and #privacy-policy, is that this does not flow through to any specific field on the patient record — it just gets recorded in the produced PDF.


For any question you want to be mandatory, just use the #required tag (note the lack of a skip button):


The #info tag acts just like the #other-policy tag, but it doesn't have accept buttons — and instead just displays the next button as per any other question:

That's it for now! If you've got any further ideas about where we should go with this, please don't hesitate to reach out. 😊

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