Version 1.6.0 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is now live on the App Store! This release contains:

  • Support for multiple and/or custom signatures
  • Some fixes that caused the app to crash or freeze in some cases

Capturing multiple signatures

Previously, we forced you to always capture the patient's signature upon confirmation of their details. Starting in 1.6.0, you're able to customise exactly what signatures you require, and from whom. You could use this to:

  • Capture just the patient signature, like you always did
  • Capture just the parent or guardian's signature
  • Capture both the patient and practitioner's signature
  • Or even capture no signature

Here's where you configure it:

These will all be displayed (one after the other) as the last step of the form filling process (note the "Parent or Guardian" displayed in the bottom right-hand corner):

And then displayed in the completed form as well as the generated PDF (in this example, the patient has signed alongside the practitioner):

If you'd like to learn about how you go about setting these up, please check out the accompanying help article on multiple signatures.

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Or would you rather know what's in our next major release, 1.7.0?

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