Version 1.5.0 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is live now on the App Store and is all about your data privacy:

  • Filled forms can now be deleted to facilitate your data subjects' right to erasure.
  • We now request your explicit consent on launch for our GDPR compliance, as a controller of your data.
  • We changed the way we process deleted appointments to ensure everything still works with Cliniko's changes under the hood for their GDPR compliance.

Facilitate your data subjects' right to erasure

To facilitate your data subjects' right to erasure, there's a new button that allows you to delete your patients' forms from within Finger-Ink. As this is the only place your patients' data is stored within all of Finger-Ink, this button alone will delete all of their data.

(Note that this only deletes data from Finger-Ink, not Cliniko.)

Requesting your consent for GDPR compliance

As a controller of your data, we request for your explicit consent in agreement to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. This is for our GDPR compliance, which in turn puts you one step closer towards your own GDPR compliance (if necessary) or, at the very least, a little extra peace of mind with your data in Finger-Ink.

(Full details of your data in Finger-Ink can be found here.)

Appointment processing changes for GDPR compliance

Less exciting but still good to know, we've changed the way we process deleted appointments to align with Cliniko's changes and their GDPR compliance.

Minor updates and fixes also found in version 1.5

1.5.4 – 30 June, 2018

  • Sometimes a crash would occur when the app couldn't connect to our server. This has been sorted.

1.5.3 – 27 June, 2018

  • If a question on your template had the same title as another question, our wizard form-filler would lose a bit of its magic and resulted in a loop of the same question being asked multiple times. This is now fixed and our a wizard has its full magical powers back.
  • Certain email addresses were sneaking through our email validation causing patient's details to not be sent to Cliniko. We now catch any sneaky email addresses in advance and make sure they're correct before sending them off.
  • Some users on iOS 10 were experiencing crashes when filling out a form - not good! We chased that bug down and gave it a good squashing (no actual bugs were harmed in the process)

1.5.2 – 12 June, 2018

  • The default intake form can now be removed — rejoice!
  • Do you lie awake at night wondering "What version of Finger-Ink am I running"? Well, you'll sleep soundly from now on — the version number now displays in settings.
  • Remember when your #privacy-policy, #other-policy or #info statements got a bit wordy, and would then not display correctly during form filling? You'll have to — because it won't happen again. We've fixed it.
  • Related to the above — generating a PDF with an all-too-wordy statement would crash the app. This has also been fixed.
  • Changed the wording on the summary screen slightly to make it clearer that the patient needs to push the confirm button to complete it.

1.5.1 – 31 May, 2018

  • Fixed crash when trying to generate a PDF that scaled an image too large. Instead we use side-by-side columns rather than an actual table. This allows for better image aspect ratios/scaling.
  • Changed the DOB to not display the time when being added to the PDF.
  • Allow retry of form processing when an error occurs (and not just after notifying us)

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Or would you rather know what's in our next major release, 1.6.0?

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