Version 1.7.1 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is now live on the App Store, and it brings with it a nifty new in-progress form saver, and a bunch of fixes:

  • Automatic saving of in-progress forms — as a fail-safe against patients having to re-enter their information if a crash occurs.
  • A fix for the <br> tags appearing all over the show in your draft treatment notes.
  • A fix for the wrong date and time shown underneath the patient's name on the summary screen.
  • A fix for the app not immediately showing the passcode screen after it's been in the background for a while (it would show the content behind the passcode screen for a second before transitioning to the passcode screen).
  • A fix for the flash of black that was plaguing the app on first launch.

Note: we first released this as 1.7.0 but there was an issue with restoring a saved form, which was fixed in 1.7.1.

Automatic in-progress form saving

Previously, if the app crashed during form-filling, it would be very embarrassing for you to ask the patient to fill in their information again, and it would be very embarrassing for us when you told us what happened. 

Well, be embarrassed no more — just fire the app up again, enter the passcode, and the form will pick up where it left off 😎. Here's it in action:

In that demonstration, an app crash was simulated by swiping the app up off the top of the screen. As you can see, no matter which screen we "crashed" on, the app returned to that screen, and the form could be completed, after entering the passcode.

No more <br> tags

Previously, when a draft treatment note was created, there would be a bunch of <br> tags in any long answer, e.g.:

This has now been fixed so that any long answer correctly displays spaces line breaks instead:

No peeking

When the app is put into the background, the screen is censored to prevent prying eyes getting a sneak peak at your patient info. This was working for the most part, but upon return into the app it would get so excited at the prospect of getting used once more, it would un-censor itself for the briefest of moments before the passcode was requested.

The good news is that we've now managed to convince it to behave as it should — no more un-censoring until the passcode has been entered.

No more flash of black

When the app was first launched, a flash of black was visible for almost a second before the passcode was requested — unacceptable! It's now purple all the way, until the blue of the passcode fades in. 

Much nicer. 

(in case you're wondering, this didn't take a huge amount of time to do, but it bothered us so we slipped it into this release)

Minor updates and fixes also found in version 1.7

1.7.3 – 17 August 2018

  • The app now starts up much more quickly, especially on slow connections.
  • Are you a big clinic with over 450 appointments? Nice work! Also: sorry but all your appointments weren't being loaded, sorry! 😬 The great news is that we've fixed this so that now every single one of your appointments will now show up in the app, without fail. Woohoo!
  • When a certain error was returned from Cliniko during authorization, we'd clear the stored API key (causing you to have to re-enter it on next launch). Now we only do that when we're certain that the API key is invalid.

1.7.2 – 3 August 2018

  • Don't identify with any particular gender or rather not say? That's totally cool with us. You can now choose "Mx" as the salutation when providing your name.
  • Searching for an appointment before starting a form would sometimes cause the keyboard to remain on screen. This has been fixed.
  • When a treatment note template had been setup with a checkbox question type that had no answers defined — but the form was pulled through to Finger-Ink anyway — then the draft treatment note would fail to upload to Cliniko. This has been fixed!

1.7.1 – 28 July 2018

  • If the app crashed during signing, the app didn't know what screen to show after launching — and thus didn't show anything. This has been fixed.

That's all for now! Missed the release notes for 1.6.0? Check them out below.

Want to know what's in our next release, 1.8.0?

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