If you run multiple iPads with Finger-Ink, you're probably aware that you need to add your custom form templates to, and customise them on, each iPad individually — rather than just adding them to one iPad and having the other iPads pick up those changes automatically.

We understand this isn't ideal, and it's something we want to improve. For now, this is a limitation of the app.

In the future, we'll be adding our own online template editor, allowing you to customise forms without going into Cliniko's Treatment Note Template editor. This enables a raft of new possibilities, including:

  • Synchronising your forms to all your iPads automatically
  • Synchronising changes to your forms to all your iPads automatically
  • Form logic (e.g. if under 16 then ask for guardian's signature)
  • Theme customisation
  • Custom form workflows (i.e. only have some forms create draft treatment notes, rather than all)

This isn't right around the corner, but it is coming.

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