Major version 1.8.0 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is now live on the App Store — here are the major changes:

  • Notifications! 🤩 Get notified when you're on the appointments screen in Cliniko and a patient completes their form.
  • Automatic treatment note association to the appointment.
  • Better visibility into Finger-Ink's connection to the internet (and thus Cliniko!) — so you know when there may be trouble sending the form to Cliniko.


What's this? I'm happy you asked!

  • When a patient completes their form, a notification in Cliniko will be triggered indicating their arrival — Cliniko generates a pleasant "ding" sound with the notification when you've got the appointment screen open on your device.
  • Additionally, an icon showing that the "patient did arrive" will be displayed on their appointment.

Here's how it looks:

This feature paves the way for what's coming up in the next release — self check-in! (please do let us know if you're interested in this).

Treatment note association

As you probably know, Finger-Ink creates a treatment note against the patient record every time a custom form is filled (i.e. a form that you added to Finger-Ink through a Cliniko Treatment Note Template). We used to just add this treatment note, leaving it up to you to associate to the appropriate appointment, like so:

From now on you don't need to do this — Finger-Ink will automatically associate the new draft treatment note to the correct appointment in Cliniko.

That means that, along with the icon indicating patient arrival, there's another icon that's also now added to the appointment record in Cliniko by Finger-Ink, this little guy right here:

Internet connectivity

We know how frustrating it is when forms don't flow through to Cliniko automatically. While we do everything we can to make sure that happens, sometimes Finger-Ink is prevented from doing this immediately because of a lack of internet connection (and thus no connection to Cliniko!).

Previously, there was no way you could tell whether or not you had an internet connection, or didn't, within the app. Now there is! Here's what it looks like when online:

And when you lose your internet connection, here's what happens:

When you see this, either your WiFi has disconnected, or the app is having trouble connecting to Cliniko. Your forms will still be sent to Cliniko — when the app comes back online.

Minor updates and fixes also found in version 1.8

1.8.1 – 19 August, 2018 

  • Previously, you could only ever exit a form during the "question asking" part. If you made it to the last screen, you had to confirm and sign with no other way to leave - basically you were stuck. We now offer a way to exit the form no matter what part of the process you're in.
  • Do any of your forms have longer names? If so, you may have noticed they ran a little long and pushed various buttons off screen. We now scroll the label so longer names don't affect other parts of the UI and you can still read the full name.
  • Made a few technical changes to keep our friends over at Cliniko happy when accessing their API.

1.8.2 – 27 August, 2018

  • Moved the "Online" status indicator to account for iOS 12 status bar changes
  • Sometimes the additional practitioner API keys were getting lost in the ether. We now keep a close eye on them and make sure they don't leave unless you decide they should (by revoking them in Cliniko).
  • With Cliniko's new bodycharts feature just released, treatment notes being created from Finger-Ink had a bit of a hard time coping with the new changes. This has now been fixed and any treatment note template that includes a bodychart question will appear in the treatment note itself (note that bodychart question-types are not currently supported in the Finger-Ink app).

That's all for now! Missed the release notes for 1.7? Check them out below.

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