Major version 1.9.0 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is now live on the App Store โ€” here's the main things to know about:

  • Referral sources are now (mostly) supported (finally ๐Ÿ˜…). All of your forms will now include your own custom referral sources that you have set up in Cliniko, not just the basic ones we previously had.ย 
  • A variety of changes were made for an improved form filling experience for your patients โ€“ see more details below.ย 
  • A bunch of "under the hood" improvements that should help the app feel snappier in day-to-day use.

Referral sources

Adding your referral sources (as defined in Cliniko) to Finger-Ink has been a hard problem for us to tackle, but it's one we've been asked for again and again. We're happy to report that our support for your referral sources is now much better than in previous versions of Finger-Ink, but there are still some caveats. More on that later, but for now, here's how it works.

You most likely have your own referral sources set up in Cliniko, like this:

Previously these weren't included in your forms ย โ€” we just offered your patients a single line text field and they could write whatever they wanted.

Starting with version 1.9.0, your referral sources are available in your forms:

Even sub-categories are supported and are only displayed when the corresponding category is selected first:

There are a few caveats with referral sources:

  • When the chosen referral source is sent through to Cliniko, it doesn't populate the fields on the patient that you'd hope it would โ€” due to current limitations with the Cliniko API. Instead, we populate both the "Extra information" field and the "notes" section (not the treatment notes) with the chosen referral instead. This means that your referral sources report in Cliniko won't show these without some additional work.
  • We have "smooshed" (that's the technical term) the "Contact" and "Patient" referral source into one, which we call Person. This is because, to your patient, they may not know if the person who referred them was actually a patient or not.
  • For privacy reasons, we don't expose any of your contacts or patients to the patient filling out the form. This means that we don't offer any "autocomplete" functionality when the patient chooses the "Person" option.
  • While we notify you when you there are new referral sources available, it's up to you to say "yes I want to update my forms with these new referral sources".

To learn more about referral sources, we've written a whole article going into much more detail as to how all this works.:

Now, onto other improvements!

A better form filling experience

Preferred first name

Cliniko recently came out with a preferred first name field, so this is now included on the name question in Finger-Ink as well:

Multi-line text fields now auto-capitalise sentences

Questions that allow for multiple lines of text were previously all lowercase (unless a patient made an effort to capitalise them correctly). We've changed this so standard sentence-case is default, like so:

No more sleeping on the job ๐Ÿ˜ดย 

Previously the iPad could go to sleep while patients were filling out a form. This meant they'd need to ask the receptionist or sometimes even the practitioner to unlock the iPad again. This sort of interruption is no longer possible as we disable sleeping while forms are being filled.

Improved emergency contact question

What good is getting the name of an emergency contact if you don't have a way to contact them? This question has been split up into 2 fields to explicitly ask for both a name and number.

Improved invoice question

The invoice question always seems to trip people up, so we had a go at re-wording it hopefully for the better. We've also added some smart logic to it (something we intend to offer in the future for your own questions).

The first part of the question asks who should be invoiced, the patient themselves or someone else (like an insurance company):ย 

If the patient is paying themselves, no more info is needed and they'll move on to the next question. But if someone else is paying, then and only then do we prompt them for more info:

Minor updates and fixes also found in 1.9

1.9.0 โ€“ 8 November 2018ย 

  • ย We now show a "loading" spinner when you try to launch a form from an appointment. Also, if something goes wrong while starting the form, we'll tell you about it.
  • Allows re-sending of PDFs from Finger-Ink to Cliniko.
  • Ensures the chat button to communicate with us is only visible to you (not your patients) from within the admin area, behind the passcode.
  • Have more than 50 users in Cliniko? Turns out we didn't allow for that, but now we do.ย 
  • Single select fields (i.e. radio buttons) can now be de-selected with a tap if needed.

Missed the last release? Check it out here:

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