Starting with version 1.9.0, your referral sources can now be pulled out of Cliniko and added to your forms in Finger-Ink! 🎉

The app checks for new referral sources every 10 minutes, and will notify you when updates are available. You can also check for updates manually. There are a few caveats with how referral sources operate in Finger-Ink, but more on that later.

Updating your forms with referral sources

Every 10 minutes, the app checks for new referral sources. When new ones are found, the Forms menu icon lights up and a little red dot displays next to it, like this:

If you visit the Forms section when an update is available, you'll see something else requesting your attention — the new Forms Settings icon in the top right-hand corner:

Visiting this new Forms Settings page, you'll be able to update your forms with the latest referral sources from Cliniko:

All you have to do is tap the "update" button, and all your forms will be updated with the latest and greatest referral sources that you've defined, inside of Cliniko.

Manually checking for new referral sources

You may have noticed the "update" button change to a "check" button in the image above. This is how you manually check for updates to referral sources — in this way you can quickly update your referral sources in Cliniko, then pull them into the app.

Contact and Patient are now Person

We have "smooshed" (that's the technical term) the "Contact" and "Patient" referral source into one, which we call "Person". This is because, to your patient, they may not know if the person who referred them was actually a patient or not.

Choosing "Person" will prompt the patient to enter the name of the individual that referred them.

For privacy reasons, we don't expose any of your contacts or patients to the patient filling out the form. This means that we don't offer any "autocomplete" functionality when the patient chooses the "Person" option.

What it looks like to the patient

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a moving picture must be worth at least a thousand times that:

As you can see, the "Referred by" field is the only field showing on the screen by default. When an option is selected, the flow will either move to the next screen, or another field will be shown to the patient to further qualify their response.

Where referral source info goes on the patient

Due to limitations with Cliniko's API at this time, we cannot automatically populate these fields on the patient record:

Instead, we send the chosen referral source to:

  • The "Extra information" field (in Cliniko it's just below the Sub-category field shown above).
  • The notes section on the patient (so it's obvious that there's some reconciliation required on a patient when their record is accessed):

Because of this, referral sources currently populated by patients through the Finger-Ink app will not currently show correctly on the referral sources report in Cliniko.

For that to work, you'll have to edit the patient's record and select the actual referral source.

Making this show up in your referral sources report

Again: because of the current limitations with the Cliniko API, we can't send through referral source information to the expected fields in Cliniko. Because of this, the referral sources report won't show correctly for these patients until some extra work is performed. Here's how to do it:

If you edit the patient, you'll see that "None" is still selected despite the extra information field being filled in with the patient's answer to this question.

To reconcile this, simply select the appropriate referral source that matches the text we send through (when in editing mode, you have to select a category for the "Extra information" to be visible).

So in this example, we'd edit the patient to look like this: 

You can also remove the mention of the referral source in the patient's notes section at this time — as we put this there just to remind you to reconcile the referral source.

Then once saved, the patient would be updated to look like this:

Your referral sources report will now work correctly for this patient.

Again, in an ideal world we'd select the appropriate category for you, but this just isn't possible with Cliniko's API, currently. 

The good news is we've been in touch with them — and they're working to improve this in the near future so we will be able to populate the appropriate fields on the patient record for you, automatically.

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