Major version 2.0.0 of Finger-Ink for Cliniko is now live on the App Store β€” here's the main things to know about:

  • Kiosk mode & self check-in! πŸŽ‰ Β The iPad will do the greeting for you when your patients come into reception, inviting them to check-in with their date of birth.Β 
  • You can get them to fill out a form during check-in, or not β€” your choice. After checking-in, Cliniko will notify you that the patient has arrived.Β 
  • If you decide to have a form filled out during the check-in process, you can choose which form is required based on the patient's appointment type (more details on this below).

Self check-in via Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows your patients to check themselves in and fill out any necessary forms as part of that process. It's a fully self-service system freeing up receptionists for more pressing tasks or even helping to fill that gap for smaller clinics who may not have one.Β 

Identifying the patient

When patients come in to your clinic, they'll see the iPad set up prompting them to check in (see GIF above).

To identify who is actually checking in, we use the patient's date of birth along with their scheduled appointment time.

We then display appointments that match the date of birth that's been entered, asking the patient to choose an appointment that matches (or none if there's no match).

Checking in (with or without any forms)

Selecting the corresponding appointment will either a) check the patient in, or b) proceed to any forms you have configured and then check the patient in.

Once all forms have been completed (if any were configured to do so), the patient will be checked in and a notification will be sent to Cliniko letting you know they're ready to be seen.

The app will automatically reset after 30 seconds, ready for the next patient to arrive.

To learn more about how to set up kiosk mode and how it works, we've dedicated an entire section to it here:


Minor updates and fixes also found in 2.0

2.0.0 – 20 January 2019

  • Required fields now have a little asterisk* next to them to show they're required. In addition, if you skip over a required field a little label pops up telling you that the field's required.
  • We've added more room below the field that you're changing during form filling β€” so the next button is always visible when you're on the last field on the screen (even on the address screen!).
  • We've added a next button to the right of every field (except for the last one) which takes the patient to the next field when tapped. There should now be no confusion as to where to go next.
  • When visible, the next button now does a little wiggle every few seconds β€” just begging to be tapped.

Missed the last release? Check it out here:

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