This minor release 2.1.0 comes in hot off the heals of major release 2.0.0, bringing with it a few minor changes:

  • The form editor is now more stable.
  • The little next buttons to the right of fields are now more tappable.
  • We show you in settings if your API keys are going to expire.
  • (stretch-goal) See the type of appointment on the appointments screen.

Form editor stability

In recent releases, a bug was introduced that could cause a crash during exiting form editing — which was very frustrating (sorry 😬). Version 2.1.0 fixes this, and adds a much-needed clarification during editing — a "save and close" button instead of the little "x" (which did the same thing).

Next button responsiveness

The little next buttons to the right of form fields are meant to be tappable at all times, to bring users to the next field during filling. We found an issue where these were sometimes not tappable, if the form had many sections. This has now been fixed, and the little guys are now super tappable!

API key expiry

Cliniko are expiring all API keys created before 20 Feb 2019. We've got a whole article dedicated to this so check it out if you need more info. Otherwise, just have a look at the screenshot below for the gist of what we've done (note the red item):

Appointment types on appointments

Our stretch goal for this release was appointment types on appointments. These will show up as-available so if you don't see them (because you've just changed appointment types or have just connected an iPad for the first time) then please wait a minute for sync to happen, then navigate away and back again to Appointments and they should be there. Here's how they look:

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