This minor release comes with a few tweaks and niceties:

  • Whether or not someone has consented to a policy of yours is now easily seen, with a rejected policy being highlighted in red. 
  • A configured email client is no longer required when sending us device logs – all communication is now handled through the in-app chat.
  • Creating forms in Finger-Ink from your existing forms is something we're happy to do – we've made this more obvious within the app.

Highlighted policy consent

You ought to know whether or not your patient accepts your policies, especially if they don't. We've made this easy to see at a glance by including an appropriate emoji.

When your patient accepts your policy:

When you patient doesn't accept your policy:

This has been included in the Review section of the app, on the draft treatment note that gets created, and on the attached PDF within Cliniko.

Email client no longer required

There may have been a time when we've asked you to send us your device logs to help identify an issue. Well, we learned pretty quickly that a lot of businesses don't have an email set up on their iPad (and don't even want one set up).

Because of this, we've switched our sending of logs via email to be compatible with in-app chat.  

Let us create your forms, now more apparent

When first getting started with Finger-Ink, creating your forms is among the first things to do (and also the biggest hurdle to jump over). To make things easier for you, we offer a helping hand and create your form for you (from whatever type of form you already have). 

While we do mention this in an email or two, it's not always apparent. We've made it more apparent by making it an option right within the Finger-Ink app. 

 While it's still a manual task to do, it's one step closer to easier form creation. Something tells me the next release will make it even easier.

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