Version 2.3.0 is now available on the App Store and contains a few small, but nice changes:

  • We've added a safety-net to regular form filling (so you don't end up overwriting a patient with the wrong patient).
  • When you send us a form to convert from PDF to Finger-Ink's format, we can now make this available to you via the app rather than making you download and import a treatment note template.
  • We've fixed a bug where archiving a treatment note template in Cliniko would cause any form created from that treatment note to fail when attaching to the patient record in Cliniko.


Your clinic is busy, and mistakes happen β€” but you'd rather avoid them. That's where the safety-net comes in: If the name of the name of the patient filling out the form differs greatly from what was there previously (i.e. if they were handed the wrong form), then Finger-Ink will ask for assistance β€” allowing the admin staff to double-check whether or not form filling should continue.

How does it work? Let's pretend that our day looks like this, two appointments, one Β for Brendan Kilfoil and one for Brendan Smith:

Brendan Smith arrives, but the form for Brendan Kilfoil is started accidentally without admin staff realising the error:

Brendan Smith is then handed the iPad, and he starts filling out the form. The first question he gets to is the name question. "Kilfoil? That's not my surname" he thinks, so he changes it:

That's a significant change to the name. Finger-Ink detects this, and throws up this screen, requiring staff input before the form can continue:

Tapping the verify button and entering the passcode then gets them here:

In this way, the error is caught early. Exit form is pressed, the app requires the passcode once more, then returns to the appointments screen β€” allowing staff to launch the correct form.

What about spelling errors?

We've got you covered! Consider a scenario in which Brendan Smith booked by phone β€” his name was keyed in as Brendan Smith, but he spells his surname Smithe instead. Well, Finger-Ink can detect that there's a difference, but knows the difference isn't hugely significant, and thus lets this through without any interruption.

Direct form loading

Getting a form we converted into your own format usually involved a phone call, a PC and lots of frustration. No more, however, we've just added the ability for you to load a form directly from within the app β€” it will even create the treatment note template in Cliniko for you!Β 

No more messing about with emails or downloading .json files β€” and you can now do it directly from your iPad:

That's all for now! Missed the details of the last release?

The next version has been released, with some new release notes. Check them out:

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