Previously, signing into the Finger-Ink web portal on a computer or the iPad would be done from the API key sign in page, and require a Cliniko API key to connect. This was a pain as you'd need to find out what your existing API key was somehow, or generate a new one — just to sign in.

As of version 2.3.2 of the app, we've added a new way to sign in using your already-authorised iPad. Here's why:

You've already entered your API keys into Finger-Ink on the iPad. You've already set a passcode to protect your sensitive patient information from anyone who shouldn't have access. As such, when you're in the admin area of the iPad, you're trusted. We now have a way to extend this trust to the web portal. Here's how it works:

Open Finger-Ink on your iPad, visit the settings screen, scroll to the "support" section, and tap on "Sign into portal":

Doing so will bring up a window containing a temporary code, and instructions to visit and enter the code:

Visit, enter the code, and click "Verify code":

Your iPad will then receive a message that someone's trying to use the code you just generated to sign into the portal — letting you know the browser and location of the person using the code:

Once you're sure that this is, in fact, you — tap allow, and you'll be logged in.

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