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Prior to version 3.0.0 of Finger-Ink, the app never sent referral sources to the right place in Cliniko. 

Instead, earlier versions of the app would populate the "Extra information" section in the patient details with the chosen referral source:

And also the "Extra information" part of the referral source:

What should have happened (and now happens from version 3.0.0 onwards) is that the referral source would update the patient appropriately, as such:

Without sending the referral sources to the right place on the patient record, your referral sources report doesn't really give you much actionable information.

The right place

Version 3.0.0 of the Finger-Ink app adds the ability to send referral sources to the right place on the patient record, after each form is filled. 

And, while that's awesome for new patients, it doesn't help you fix the referral sources already entered through Finger-Ink by patients using versions of Finger-Ink prior to 3.0.0.

That's why this article exists, as we have a solution for you, the "Patient referral sources update process"!

What is the patient referral sources update process?

This is a process that we wrote that looks at all the patient records in your Cliniko account that have been modified since you signed up to Finger-Ink and fixes their referral sources.

How do I run it?

When you login to your account via the web portal, you'll find an "Integration" page under your account that looks something like this:

In the bottom right-hand corner, there's a new little block that talks about this process:

As the instructions say, you'll need to run this in test mode first, and keep the page open to view the results. You'll see something like this after running it in test mode:

After running it in test mode you can then run it in live mode. (again, you'll need to keep the page open to be given this option).

Make sure that referral sources will be updated as you'd expect before proceeding with live mode.

Live mode looks similar to test mode:

That's it! Your referral sources have been updated and your referral sources report will now look much better.

You'll be able to re-run this as many times as you like — but subsequent processes will select a smaller group of patients (only the ones that have been updated since the process was last run in live mode):

If you're interested in the exact steps, here's how it works in detail:

If a patient record already has a referral source that's not Other, already, then it's excluded from further processing. Additionally, if a patient has neither:

  1. The referral source extra information field filled, nor
  2. A value for cliniko_referral_sources or referral_source (generated by Finger-Ink) in the patient notes extra information field, then it's also excluded from further processing.

For all remaining records, a textual representation of the referral source is found by looking first at the the referral source extra information field, then at the patient notes extra information field — if the former was empty.

If a textual representation of the referral source was found, then it's compared against the list of referral source types to find a text match. If no match is found, then the patient record will be excluded from further processing.

If a match was found, then the patient record's referral source will be updated appropriately, and any value in the referral source extra information field removed, if required (caveat below).

If the text representation of the referral source was a Person > [person's name], then the referral source would be set to Other, and the extra information field populated with Person > [person's name].

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