The new editor is now the only place you go to create and manage your forms. (we no longer allow forms to be added from Cliniko Treatment Note Templates).

What specific benefits does it offer?

  • Reduce your form length by asking follow-up questions only when they need to be asked. Find out more about visibility logic.
  • Reduce puzzled patients by customising the standard questions how you see fit (e.g. change the way the address question is asked).
  • Reduce admin time by setting treatment notes to create as finalised straight away, or stop them from being created in the first place.
  • Reduce compliance headaches by marking policy questions as required — meaning the form can't progress without acceptance.
  • Reduce admin time even further as referral sources now go to the correct place inside Cliniko — instead of all being marked as "Other".
  • Enhance your branding and reduce mistakes by changing the welcome screen background image.
  • Reduce time to add further iPads — all your forms now sync automatically to each of your connected iPads.

Sound good? Learn how to take advantage of each of these new features by clicking the links above, or dive straight in by learning how to access it below.

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