How to ask for a new or different signature

If you need different signature requirements, this article will show you how.

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Every form by default asks for the patient's signature, but sometimes you might need other signatures as well (e.g. the clinician's, a witness, a parent/guardian, etc). 

You can have as many signatures as you and adding them is easy.

To add another signature:

  • Signatures live at the bottom of your form. Simply hit the "+" button and then, "add signature" 

  • Change the prompt to whatever you need – practitioner, clinician, parent/guardian, witness, etc.

You can make use of our "visibility logic" to only ask for a signature some of the time. For example, you may only need a parent/guardian signature if the patient is under a certain age. Check out our help article on visibility logic to learn more.

Practitioner signatures

Additionally, if you're using web forms, and you want a practitioner to be signing the form (i.e. at a different time to the patient filling out the form), then you should setup the signature as follows:

By selecting to "Only show signature to staff, not patients", it won't actually change behaviour on the iPad version of the form, but it changes the behaviour of web forms such that that signature won't be requested at the end of form filling, but will rather be available to be filled via the Inbox instead:

So if you use web forms and need a practitioner signature, be sure to set it the visibility on that Practitioner signature to "Only show signature to staff, not patients".

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