Asking a question that you need to have an answer for? Finger-Ink allows questions (er, fields rather) to be required ensuring you get the answer you need. This setting is done at the field level rather than the screen level so you can pick and choose which pieces of data you need to have

To turn on/off the required flag:

  • Click into the field (in this case "Date of birth") and the field's configuration will display on the right-hand side:

  • Toggle the "Field is Required" flag to turn it on or off: 

  • Be sure to Save and Publish your changes. 

For questions with only one field

If you only have one field for your question, all you have to do is make that one field required. See how the "Date of birth" field has a "required" flag to the right of it? That means that field needs to have an answer in order to progress to the next screen/question. Patient's will be required to enter their date of birth before continuing on to the next question.

For questions with more than one field

For questions with more than one field, there's a little bit extra you need to know. As mentioned, the required flag is related to the field.  So you'll need to toggle the required flag for every field that you need answered. 

For example, see how in the name question below only "First names" and "Last name" have the required flag next to it? That means that as soon as the "First names" and "Last name" fields have an answer, patient's will be able to progress to the next screen regardless of whether they select a "Title" or enter in their "Preferred name".

If you need an answer for all the fields, make all of them required.

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