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How to ask for consent or receive acceptance to your policies
How to ask for consent or receive acceptance to your policies

consent, privacy policies, terms and conditions, etc

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To ask for consent/acceptance of a policy:

  • Change the field type to "Policy consent" or the Cliniko-specific "Patient privacy policy consent".

  • In the field textbox, type or paste in your policy i.e. where it says, "I consent to treatment..." in the screenshot below.

  • By default, the policy will have options "I accept" and "I do not accept" that your patient will need to choose from. In some cases you may wish to only display the "I accept" option. If that's the case, mark the field as "required" on the right-hand side.

In the Finger-Ink app, this is how the question will be displayed:

Notes regarding the Cliniko-specific privacy policy field

In most cases the general "policy consent" field will do the trick. If you have a privacy policy though, you'll want to use the Cliniko-specific privacy policy field: 

The policy will be displayed the same way in the app, but will be used to update the corresponding privacy policy field in Cliniko as well.

And if for some reason they reject it, Cliniko will bring it to your attention.

As always, don't forget to Save your changes and Publish your form.

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