How to include your business details on the generated PDF

Business details, or any other info you want on every PDF.

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As part of the PDF that is generated and uploaded to Cliniko, there's an option to include your business's details or any other snippet of information you'd like. 

It gets placed on the right-hand side just below your logo, like this: 

Here's how to set it up:

Using the form editor online, open the form that you'd like to change. Along the top you'll see tabs for "Design" & "Workflow". Open up "Workflow": 

Scroll down to the section that deals with the PDF and make sure that "Add a signed, PDF version of the filled form to the patient record's files" is turned on. You'll then see a section for "Custom Header Text". This is where you'll put any extra info you'd like to show in the header of the PDF:

Be sure to Save and Publish your changes to make it available on all iPads.

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