How to add the patient name into some text

In a policy, question prompt or the welcome screen.

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Into a policy

You may want to include some text like this in your forms:

"I, Brendan Kilfoil, consent to treatment"

Where "Brendan Kilfoil" is the name of the patient filling out the form.

To do this, just modify your form to include the special keyword mentions of @first_names and @last_name, like this:

"I, @first_names @last_name, consent to treatment"

Remember to publish your form after making changes!

But what about into a question prompt?

It's the same workflow โ€” just add @first_names for the first names, and/or @last_name for the last names:

Why isn't this easier to do?

It will be easier to do in a future release, promise. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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