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Setting up your form for use on the web
Setting up your form for use on the web
How to enable your form to be used online
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To set up any of your forms to be used online, follow these steps:

⚡️ The first step is to sign-in to the portal, then...

  1. Navigate to a form by going to the My forms page, then clicking on one of the forms.

  2. On the right-hand side of your form, you'll see a section called "Filling on the web" with a toggle below that. Turn that on. Be sure to save and publish your form. 

3. Click on the "public link" text to open up your form. Copy the URL in the address bar (or right click on "public link" and copy it)
4. Go into Cliniko and setup your appointment reminder templates to include the appropriate link for each one — so that your patients receive the link to fill out your form(s) after booking in, and again as a reminder.


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