Sometimes Finger-Ink is unable to find the appropriate patient in Cliniko to offer up as a match. This could be caused by a spelling mistake in the name at either end or perhaps a typo in the email address.

The previous workflow was to create a new patient, then merge that with the existing patient in Cliniko. Well, we now have the ability to specify a patient ID to force a potential match:

As you can see, the patient I chose to match against is definitely not the right patient for this response — it was just an example. 😅

If you're not sure how to find the patient's ID in Cliniko, check out this article on finding the patient ID in Cliniko.

Not sure you found a match?

If you've chosen the wrong patient, you can repeat the process above to match a new patient. To be sure you've found the right patient, double check the patient's responses to the form using "view response" and the matched patient by clicking on their ID:

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