Sometimes Finger-Ink is unable to find the appropriate patient in Cliniko to offer up as a match. This could be caused by a spelling mistake in the name at either end or perhaps a typo in the email address. Or perhaps the patient was only created after they had filled out their registration form.

When this happens, you have two options:

  1. If the patient was created after the form was filled out, and you know the filled details match the patient record, then just refresh matches!

  2. If there was a typo somewhere, you'll need to manually specify a match.

Refreshing matches

Since our version 5 update, we've had the ability to refresh patient matches with one click. The refresh button is in the bottom left of each response. Here's it in action:

Manually specifying a match

If a form response has come in and hasn't found a match, but you know the patient exists in Cliniko then you'll first need to find the patient's ID in Cliniko, then specify this ID manually as below:

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