We've been hard at work putting the finishing touches on version 4.0 of the Finger-Ink iPad app — packed full of new goodies we're really excited to share.

Here's a video I recorded demonstrating them all (or skip below the video for the highlights):

Video preview of v4.0

List of v4.0 changes

  • More than one form can now be filled in one sitting! Tap on the appointment, choose your forms in the order you want them filled and tap start — magic!

  • We now show which forms were filled when for your appointments — even if the form was filled on another iPad, or on the web months before the appointment!

  • Group appointments are now supported in Finger-Ink — each attendee comes through as their own appointment "Block" in Finger-Ink.

  • Appointments are now colour-coded the same as in Cliniko.

  • Appointments can now be filtered by practitioner, no more trawling through hundreds of appointments to find the right one!

  • Check-in: You can now configure kiosk mode to have patients check-in with their mobile number — either if their DOB turned up no appointments, or right away without even asking for their DOB.

  • Check-in: The default date on the DOB wheel can now also be configured.

  • Check-in: You can now configure all aspects of the "no appointment found" and "you're checked in" screens.

  • Check-in: You can now specify multiple form requirements for any particular appointment type. Better yet: you can opt to skip forms if they were filled out at all, or within a specified amount of time.

  • Check-in: The safety-net which sometimes popped up if the patient's name differed greatly to what was on file can now be turned off — by requiring that the first letter of the patient's last name (along with DOB or mobile number) is also entered during check-in.

  • Check-in: There's no longer a strange "inbetween" screen when transitioning from check-in to filling out a form — we just display the welcome screen of the form as per usual.

  • Check-in: The same "Thanks" screen is displayed both after checking in with a form, and without.

  • Dates in forms can now be 100 years in the future (as opposed to only 1 year).

We're hoping to release this as soon as possible, but want to have a few more people beta testing first. If you're interested in beta testing, please contact us via chat, or email us at support@finger-ink.com. Thanks!

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