Version 4 of the iPad app has been available on the App Store since May 2021.


Appointments / forms

  • Group appointments are now fully supported in Finger-Ink!

  • Appointments are now colour-coded as per their colours in Cliniko, and can be filtered by practitioner (perfect for clinics with multiple locations).

  • We now show in the app if an appointment has previously had a form filled. This works even if that form was filled on another iPad, or using our web forms!

  • Finally for appointments: multiple forms can be filled out in one sitting, without having to enter the passcode between each one!

Patient check-in

  • You can now specify _multiple_ form requirements for any particular appointment type. Better yet: you can opt to skip forms if they were filled out at all, or within a specified amount of time (e.g. in the last year).

  • Don't always have a patient's DOB? Kiosk mode can now be configured to fall back to checking in by mobile number!

  • One for those serving specific demographics of patients: the default date on the DOB wheel can be set however you like.

  • For the perfectionists: the "no appointment found" and "you're checked in" screens can be changed to say whatever you like.

  • Sometimes during check-in, intervention from staff would be required (if the name on the appointment was different to that entered by the patient on the form). This can now be turned off completely — so it's never required! We also have a new configuration setting to confirm the first letter of the first and/or last name to provide a little more security when you decide never to require intervention.

  • There's no longer a strange "inbetween" screen when transitioning from check-in to filling out a form — we just display the first question of the first form.

  • The same "Thanks" screen is now displayed both after checking in with a form, and without.


  • Dates in forms can now be 100 years in the future (as opposed to only 1 year).

Version 4 in action

Individual and group, coloured appointments

Filtering appointments by practitioner

Filling out multiple forms at once

Better form requirements for self check-in

Mobile number check-in

New check-in appointment selector

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