This article just provides a quick summary of the changes. If you're looking for in-depth "how to" articles, check out our "Forms at home" help articles.

A better, unified Inbox

The goal for this update was to provide a better, unified Inbox — here it is:

It's cleaner, quicker to use, and more powerful:

  • Responses can now process automatically to update a patient

  • You can be notified by email to anything in your inbox requiring attention

  • Response data is now kept indefinitely (still encrypted), so processing can be reversed if a mistake was made

  • All forms, web and app, now come through the Inbox

In addition, there have been some nice "quality of life" improvements as well:

  • Responses are paginated and searchable

  • Basic patient info (e.g. name, DOB & email) is displayed alongside the response & each match

  • An activity log shows major actions performed on a response, and when they occurred

  • Response matches can now be refreshed with one click

  • You can select whether to update a patient, produce the PDF, or create a treatment on a per-response basis

  • Selected matches that are no longer present in Cliniko (if they were archived or merged) are now automatically removed from the match list upon processing

  • iPads no longer need API keys as they connect through the portal instead

  • The timezone is now recorded alongside a response, and re-produced onto the PDF

The Inbox & Portal upgrades have already been applied to your account, but the changes that involve the iPad app (such as the removal of API keys, and the ability for iPad responses to flow through the Inbox), require an update to the app, available now on the App Store.

Show and tell

Email notifications

This is how the new, optional Inbox notification emails look:

Processing refinement

Individual processing actions can be enabled or disabled on a per-response basis:


Responses can now be reversed, here's how:

Pagination & searching

Responses are now paginated and can be filtered via a search box:

Activity Log

Major actions taken on a response now show up on the activity log:

Match refreshing

Matches can be refreshed with one click:

Connected iPads

iPads no longer need API keys, and are listed in your account:


The timezone is gathered with the response, and re-produced onto the PDF:

All for now

There are a few more nice touches in the new version, but they're not big enough to be mentioning here.

As always: if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks ❤️

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