Your online bookings logo will display by default on your Finger-Ink forms, and on PDFs generated by Finger-Ink.

Since v5.6 of the Portal, you've had the ability to upload your own logos for use on forms and PDFs. You can do this by visiting the Settings page:

☝️If you can't see the Settings page, it means you're not an administrator or power receptionist in Cliniko. Try asking someone with those privileges to help.

💡You can also find these settings in the top right-hand corner of the "My forms" page:

Changing a logo

By default, both your logos will be set to the same logo as your online bookings logo in Cliniko. To change this, just drag a new logo into the appropriate box then hit save, like this:

Hiding a logo

To hide a logo, just flick the switch next to the logo you want to hide, then hit save. Like this:

☝️Hiding a logo in this way will override the Workflow setting within the Form Editor.

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