Another month, another release. This time it's version 5.1.0 of the iPad app. This one contains a few enhancements, most notably to the patient check-in flow.

Much clearer check-in for one possible appointment

Prior to v5.1.0, the check-in flow for one possible appointment was the same as for many. We'd display the appointment(s), and as you to tap on the box. While this worked well for multiple appointments, people were getting confused when presented with only one box to tap. So, we've changed this in two ways:

  1. The box doesn't need to be tapped, instead there's a confirm button that needs to be pressed instead.

  2. The confirm button is pressed automatically after 13 seconds of inactivity on the screen.

Here's how that looks:

More than one appointment

If there's more than one appointment, we now automatically restart the check-in flow after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Portal connectivity & check-in

Since v5 of the iPad app, forms and check-ins go through the Finger-Ink Portal on their way to Cliniko rather than directly to Cliniko. As such, we need to be connected to the portal for these things to occur.

This release contains a couple of enhancements in this area, over and above the initial v5 release:

  1. The iPad app now reconnects much more quickly to the Portal, after being disconnected.

  2. Starting a form during check-in is now much more robust — any connectivity issues don't just hang the app. Instead form pre-filling is retried a few times. If, after a few retries, it still fails, form filling is allowed to proceed without a pre-filled form.

iOS Versions

iOS 9 Was released in 2015 — 7 years ago! We've supported iOS 9+ in all versions of our app up until this release. This means that Finger-Ink would function — even on an iPad 2!

A few of the libraries we depend on have long since dropped support for iOS 9, and from the next release, we will too.

From version 6, we'll be dropping support for versions of iOS and iPad OS below the latest major release — iPad OS 15. This will enable us to continue to innovate and deliver the best app for possible for years to come.

As always, thanks for reading! 🥰

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