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How to change the wording of a question
How to change the wording of a question

Including the question prompt, the placeholder, skip button, etc

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There's a few different bits of text that makeup your question, all of which can be changed. These include:

  • the question prompt

  • the question sub-prompt

  • the skip button text

  • the field title

  • the field placeholder

Read on to see how to change each one, whether it's at the screen level or field level (more on screen vs field level here).

Changing text at the screen level – prompt, sub-prompt, skip button

A question in Finger-Ink is referred to as a "screen". This is because we only ask one question at a time (i.e. What is your name?) or display a bit of text (e.g. a consent policy) in a wizard style format that fills up the entire screen. A screen consists of a question prompt, a sub-prompt, fields (more on that below), and a skip button. 

To change the prompt:
Click on the question text to display your cursor and change however you see fit. In this case the prompt is, "What is your name?":

To change the sub-prompt:
You would change the sub-prompt in exactly the same way. The only difference is you may need to enable the sub-prompt first (it's hidden by default) on the right-hand side. See where it says "Show sub-prompt" in the screenshot above? Turn that on. The sub-prompt in this case is, "We'd love to get to know you!".

To change the skip button:
Changing the skip button is also handled on the right-hand side. Feel free to change it however you see fit. We typically set it to "skip" by default.

Changing text at the field level – field title, placeholder

Within a screen is at least one field and is where patients enter in their answer. Although we only ever ask one question per screen, we may have multiple fields per question. 

For example, the name question above has a field for each piece of data that makes up the answer to the question – title, first names, last name, & preferred name all combine to answer the question "What is your name?" in full.

Each field consists of a label (e.g. "first names") and a placeholder.

To change the field's label:
To change the wording of the field's label, simply click on the text to display your cursor and type away. 

To change the placeholder:
To change the wording of the field's placeholder, click on the field and you'll see the placeholder within the field's configuration along the right-hand side. Like this:

Feel free to change that however you see fit. Please note that only field types that allow text entry (as opposed to a list of options to choose from) will display a placeholder. Click here to learn more about the different field types.

Don't forget to Save your changes and Publish them your iPads.

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