Finger-Ink uses an app passcode (separate from your iPad's passcode) to separate the admin area of the app and the form-filling area of the app.

The default passcode is set to 4 3 2 1, but it's a good idea to change this to something only you know. This keeps patients and anyone unauthorised from entering the admin area of the app (i.e. where all your forms and patient info is kept).

You can change this in the settings section of the admin area:

☝️ Please note that this passcode is local to your iPad. That means that it doesn't sync to other devices and, if you delete the app and reinstall it, you'll need to set it again.

⚠️ It also means that we cannot tell you what it is — so please make sure that you don't forget it — or you'll need to do a delete and reinstall (which will remove all your filled forms from the app itself — although they'll still be in Cliniko).

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