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Finger-Ink administration explained
Finger-Ink administration explained

Find out how to go about using Finger-Ink to get more time for things that matter.

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Finger-Ink integrates with Cliniko, but we're not Cliniko. We're a separate company. And a separate app. To use Finger-Ink with Cliniko, you'll need to have both a Cliniko account, and a Finger-Ink account.

It depends

How you use Finger-Ink depends on who you are.

If you're a practitioner you might never interact with Finger-Ink directly. You might just see the results of Finger-Ink in Cliniko. Updated patient records, PDF Forms and Treatment Notes.

If you're involved in the setup or day-to-day administration of Finger-Ink, however, you'll be interacting with the Finger-Ink customer Portal (or Portal, for short), and probably the iPad as well.

The Portal

The Portal is the central management "hub" for Finger-Ink. It's what you and your team will use to setup, and manage, Finger-Ink. Here's what it looks like:

You'll use the portal to:

  • Add and maintain your Form templates.

  • Get the URLs for each of your forms for your appointment reminder templates in Cliniko — so that your patients do their "paperwork" before their appointment.

  • Add or change Themes (to make sure your brand shines through your Forms).

  • Ensure the right team members are alerted to Responses that require action.

  • Process Responses if they aren't able to be processed automatically.

  • Add and remove linked iPads.

  • Manage your Subscription and update your billing information.

The Portal isn't something your patients use. It's just for you and your team.

How can I access the Portal?

When you first created your Finger-Ink account, you set a password. This password lets you access the portal — just sign in here.

If you haven't yet set a password to access the Portal, this article will show you how.

The iPad app

Finger-Ink has its very own native iPad app. This is something your patients will use, but it's got its own section that only you and your team will be able to access (with a passcode you set).

This "Administration Area" in the iPad app is where you'll see the Appointments for the day — which you'll select, along with the appropriate forms, when a patient comes in for an appointment.

You'll also use this area to setup self check-in. Which forms need to be filled out for which appointments, and how often. How patients should be greeted, and how they should be thanked.

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