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How do I use Finger-Ink to create an editable medical history?
How do I use Finger-Ink to create an editable medical history?

Learn how you can use Finger-Ink & Cliniko to create a canonical medical history that you can change as time progresses.

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Finger-Ink is great for populating information at a point-in-time. But what if you're capturing the patient's medical history, which might change over time? Well, our Treatment Note creation functionality can help.

Treatment Notes can be pinned to the top

Cliniko allows you to pin any Treatment Note to the top of the list, so that it's there every time you visit that section of the patient's record:

So, if we had a medical history Treatment Note, then we'd be able to keep it at the top of the list, and change it as it goes.

Treatment Notes can be created by Finger-Ink Forms

The workflow steps that a Finger-Ink Form goes through after being filled can be configured by your clinic. By default, however, they do 4 things:

  1. Update the patient record

  2. Add a PDF to the files section

  3. Create a draft treatment note

  4. Mark the patient as arrived (only when filled via the iPad)

Treatment Notes can be edited

As you're probably aware, Treatment Notes can be edited by the practitioner that created the Note to begin with. Finger-Ink always tries to select the right practitioner when processing Forms, so that you don't have to concern yourself with this.

Treatment Notes can display hidden questions

You can configure any element within a Finger-Ink Form to be hidden during Form filling. This means that the patient won't see the element, but it will still appear on the Treatment Note:

Putting it all together

So to recap:

  1. Finger-Ink Forms create a draft Treatment Note by default on completion

  2. You can hide certain elements on a Finger-Ink Form, but they'll still come through to the Treatment Note

  3. Once the Treatment Note is in Cliniko, you can pin it to the top, and edit it as necessary

And this is Finger-ink helps you create an editable medical history with hardly any effort on your part!

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