What is Finger-Ink?

How Finger-Ink works, what it can do for your clinic and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Finger-Ink is a Paperless Forms & Self Check-in solution. Filled forms flow through to Cliniko as PDFs and update the patient record in the process.

Spend less time on administration, and more time on what matters. Your patients will be impressed with your intuitive, on-brand Forms & Self Check-in system.

What can I do with Finger-Ink?

Finger-Ink can give you more time for what matters in the clinic, and outside it:

  • Get your forms into Cliniko quickly, and without paper — Once filled, our paperless forms flow through to Cliniko in seconds.

  • Impress your patients — We've heard it time and time again — our forms make you look gooooood. Our clinics are always receiving compliments. You will too.

  • Reduce the workload of your admin staff — Our self check-in system greets patients as they come in and invites them to check themselves in, alerting you that they've arrived, without your receptionist lifting a finger.

  • Be prepared before your patients walk in the door — Our paperless forms can be accessed via a URL, which the patient can fill out long before their appointment. You'll be prepared with all their info within your desired time frame.

  • Respond quickly to additional needs — Our iPad app contains your entire form library. Need a consent form signed quickly? The app is the quickest way to get a form filled.

Who uses Finger-Ink?

Forward-thinking clinics that care about their brand, the patient experience and want to have more time to do what matters. Marnie from The Healthy Peach Physio is a great example:

What sets Finger-Ink apart?

Unlike products that try to be everything for everyone, Finger-Ink's only focus delivering the best Forms experience for our clinics and their patients — through great design, reliability & simplicity — giving you more time for things that matter.

Is Finger-Ink for you?

Are you a forward-thinking clinic?

Do you care deeply about the patient experience?
Do you want more time for what matters?

If you answered yes to these, Finger-Ink is probably a good fit. Start your free trial today to see for yourself.

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