The best way to access the editor is by signing in on a Mac or PC using an already-connected iPad to authenticate via the sign in via code process.

Once you're in, just visit the "My forms" link on the menu:

The "My forms" page shows you all your forms — both active and archived (archived forms are forms you no longer want to use — they don't appear on any of your iPads):

To access the editor for a particular form, just click on the blue form name. Alternatively, to create a new form, just click on "Create new form".

Creating a new form

When you create a new form, a few screens & fields are added for your convenience — these are the standard fields that you'd need if you were making an intake form — and can be deleted easily if required.

That's it! Once you're editing a new or existing form, you'll be greeted with the new editor — click the button below to learn more about its interface.

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