Ah yes, the age-old "How did you hear about us?" question.

To add this to your form, add a field and change that field to a "Patient referral sources" type.

This is one of our standard built-in questions that works with Cliniko and includes a list of options for your patients/clients to choose from. It's a bit unique though and is configured differently than our other standard questions. You'll notice that the list of options is greyed out in the form editor and are "not configurable". However, they are configurable – it's just done a bit differently than the other questions. Read on to find out more.   

The list of options are pulled directly from your Cliniko account. (except for "Contact" and "Patient" — see the section down the bottom of the page to find out why)

Here's ours set up in Cliniko (which match with the referral sources in Finger-Ink in the above screenshot): 

To change the referral sources list of options:

  • After you've made the changes you want, go back to your Finger-Ink account online and visit the Settings page (from the menu on the left): 

  • Scroll down and you'll see a section for "Cliniko integration" with a button to "Refresh referral sources". Tap that button. This will a) update your referral sources and b) update any form that uses them.

Why don't we bring through "Contact" and "Patient"?

We have "smooshed" (that's the technical term) the "Contact" and "Patient" referral source into one, which we call "Person". Choosing "Person" will prompt the patient to enter the name of the individual that referred them.

For privacy reasons, we don't expose any of your contacts or patients to the patient filling out the form. This means that we don't offer any autocomplete functionality when the patient chooses the "Person" option.

We've done this for two reasons:

  1. Your patient may not know if the person who referred them was actually a patient or not.

  2. We haven't yet figured out the best way to deal with matching a patient's entry into this field with your Cliniko contact's database — while still maintaining privacy of your contacts database.

Because of this, the name the patient enters after choosing Person does not go into your contacts database, but instead is put into the "Extra Information" box on the patient record.

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