Depending on the type of question you're asking and the type of answer you're looking for, you'll want to choose a field type that works accordingly. A field's type affects 2 things:

  • How the field is displayed (i.e. a text box, a list of options, date picker, etc)

  • Whether or not the field's answer will update a corresponding field in Cliniko

General field types

General field types do not correspond to a field in Cliniko. The different styles are broken into a few different sections, as follows:

  • Information-only & consent 

  • Lists

  • Multimedia

  • Text

  • Other

Information-only & consent

Display-only text – best for showing patients a bit of info

Policy consent – best for when you need your patients to accept a policy or consent agreement


Select one option only (via buttons) – best for selecting one option from a short list of options (very similar to a tick box)

Select one option only (via scroll) – best for selecting one option from a long list of options (similar to a tick box)

Select one or more options (via buttons) – best for selecting one or more options from a list when "select all that apply" would be applicable


Photo with front camera (selfie) – best for capturing a profile picture of your patient


Single-line text – best used for short, open-ended questions

Multi-line text – best used for longer, open-ended questions

Single-line text (with number keyboard) – best when looking for a number answer, like a phone number

Email address  – best when asking for an email. This field is displayed as a single-line text, but includes special email validation logic as well. 


Date – best when asking for dates (e.g. date of birth) 

Cliniko-specific field types

Cliniko-specific field types are fields whose answer updates a corresponding patient field in Cliniko (e.g. name, email address, or phone number). 

The style of these fields can't be changed as they've been designed using the best possible field style for the question asked. For example, the field "Patient email address" uses the "email address" field type to make use of the email validation logic. Another example is the "Patient first name", which uses a single-line text as only a short answer is required.

The full list of fields we support are:

  • title

  • first name

  • last name

  • preferred first name

  • dob

  • sex

  • gender identity

  • address line 1

  • address line 2

  • address line 3

  • city

  • state

  • post code

  • country

  • mobile phone

  • home phone

  • work phone

  • other phone

  • email

  • referring doctor

  • medicare number

  • medicare reference number

  • reference number

  • occupation

  • reminder type

  • accepted sms marketing

  • accepted email marketing

  • receives confirmation emails

  • referral sources

  • emergency contact name

  • emergency contact details

  • invoice to

  • email invoice to

  • invoice extra information

  • privacy policy consent

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