If you've decided to part ways with Finger-Ink, you'll need to let us know using a method of communication that we can use to verify your identity. This can either be:

  1. From a chat session through the iPad app, or..

  2. From a chat session through the web portal (after signing in), or..

  3. From an an email address we know about

That's because, if you're just on our public website, we cannot verify that you're you (and we're not too comfortable cancelling someone's subscription unless we're really sure that it's them asking 😅).

From the web portal

We've got a handy button on the Subscription page of the portal that's a short-cut to chatting to us about cancelling your subscription, or deleting your account.

Once we've got a verified request through, we'll process the cancellation — easy-as!

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