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Your team members are synchronised from your Cliniko account, but they can't sign into Finger-Ink without first setting a password.

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Finger-Ink can be used in a few different ways. If you're wanting team members to help add or change Forms, or to help processing forms in the Inbox, then you'll want to give other team members access to the Portal.

☝️ If you only want to add API keys for your practitioner team members — so that our Forms create treatment notes as them when required — please see the bottom of this article.

Finger-Ink knows about your team

When your account was first created, you provided us with a Cliniko API key. We used this API key to contact Cliniko and get the information necessary to setup your account, including the list of users with access to your Cliniko account.

This list is refreshed from Cliniko every 24 hours. It can be manually refreshed at any time — useful when you've just removed the access of a team member from Cliniko.

Team members need to set their own password

Each user that accesses the Portal needs to set their own password. You cannot do it for them.

But you can send them to the "Set a password with your API key" page in the Portal and follow the instructions. If they need further assistance, you can send them the interactive step-by-step tutorial, or the video version below:

☝️ The API key used to set a password needs to be from the user's own Cliniko account — a key from a different user cannot be used.

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