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Adding your Form templates
Adding your Form templates

Add or change a Form online, or send us a PDF or Word doc and we'll do the rest.

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When your account is created, we load an Example Form to your account. This gives you an idea of what's possible, but you'll want your own Forms in Finger-Ink — with your own questions & policies.

But you'll likely want to get your own Forms into Finger-Ink. You have two options here.

Get us to do it.

We know that learning yet another tool can might not be possible when you've got so much else on your plate. That's why we offer our Form Conversion Service. It's our "done-for-you" offering where we convert your existing Forms into our format. It does have a fee attached, but if you're not happy we'll happily offer you a refund.

Make them yourself with our Form Editor

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIYer with technical chops, you might want to get stuck in and use our Form Editor. The first step here is to add your Form (templates) through the Portal:

Then fire up the Form editor — making it easy for you to customise your Forms as you see fit. Here's how to access it through the Portal:

Once you're in there, be sure to read the rest of our Form Editor documentation to get a good understanding of how it all works.

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