This is step 6 of our step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Intake form.

Step 6 – Add a question for "Are you pregnant?"

We're now going to add our first question. Although a simple question, we'll go over:

  • how to change the field type

  • how to make the question required

  • how to set up form logic aka visibility logic

Add a new question

  • Tap on the "+" button below our new section header

  • Choose "question screen"

  • This will create a new question for us with the configuration box along the right-hand side, like this:

  • Change the question prompt to our question. Do this by changing "A screen prompting a question" to "Are you pregnant?"

Set up visibility logic to only show this question when it makes sense (e.g. for females only)

Along the right-hand side you'll see the configuration box for this screen with the first option being for "screen visibility". By default, a screen will always show. But this question only makes sense for females and earlier in our form we explicitly asked for the patient's sex (this was one of the default questions). Let's change this question to make use of that.

  • Change the screen's visibility from "Always show screen" to "Only show screen when..."

  • Change the conditions for when this screen should be shown. In this case, we only want the screen to show when "Gender is Female", like this:

Our screen now looks like this. You may notice there's an extra little tag on the screen now indicating conditions on it i.e. only when "Gender" is "Female". This is to make it easier to see how things are set up while browsing your form.

Change the field's type to yes/no

Next for this question we want to set it up so patient's can select either yes or no. To do that, we need to change the field.

  • Tap on the text that says "field prompt", which will bring up the configuration box for the field.

  • Change the field type to "select one option only (via buttons)". Tip: try typing into the text box to find the field type faster.

If you look back at the screen you may notice the field has changed slightly and there's now an extra text box below the field prompt. This is where the list of options will go with each new line being a new option to choose from.

  • Add options "yes" and "no". We can also change the field prompt to something more suitable, such as "pregnant" to provide context, or you can leave it blank to avoid redundancy.

  • Finally, we're going to make this screen required so that we are guaranteed an answer. Switch the required toggle on within the configuration box. You'll also notice a new required tag was added to the field. This is here just for easy reference.

At this point our screen is all set. The screen will only be shown to females and if shown, an answer will be required by selecting yes or no.

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