This is step 7 of our step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Intake form.

Step 7 – Add the question "Do you smoke?"

Another simple question, but this time we'll go over:

  • how to add multiple fields to a single screen

  • how to set up field visibility logic

  • how to duplicate a question for speedier editing

Add a new question by duplicating another

This question is very similar to our last one, so to make things easier we'll just copy the pregnant question and make a few tweaks.

  • Select the "Are you pregnant?" question to display the screen's configuration box

  • Choose "duplicate screen"

Now we've got a second question mostly set up already. It's worth noting that when copying this screen, we also copied all of the screen's configurations including the visibility logic.

Configure the screen and field for "Do you smoke?"

  • Change the question prompt to say "Do you smoke?"

  • Change the screen visibility logic to "Always show screen"

  • Change the field prompt to "Smoke"

This question is basically done now, but we'll take a step further. The next question on our form is "If yes, how many units per day?" but as this ties in very closely with whether or not someone smokes, we'll instead add it here as a second field and also add some visibility logic to it. Let's do that now.

Add a new field for "# units per day"

  • Tap "add field"

  • Change the field prompt to "# units per day". Note the slight change of wording here. As we're still within the context of "Do you smoke?", we can change our wording to be a little simpler. We can also remove the "If yes" part because our visibility logic (which we'll set up next) will handle that for us.

Set up field visibility logic

Asking someone how many units they smoke per day doesn't actually make sense if they don't smoke, so we'll set our field up now to behave in that way.

  • Tap the field prompt for "# units per day" to bring up the configuration box on the right-hand side

  • Change the field visibility setting to "Only show field when..."

  • Set the conditions to only show the field when "Smoke is yes".

Now our field will only show if patient's select "yes" to whether or not they smoke.

Make the field required

We can also set up the field to be required. As a reminder, this means that if the field is displayed as per our visibility logic above an answer will be required. If the field is never shown though, nothing will be required.

  • Toggle the "required" switch on

Change the placeholder

By default an open-ended question will include a placeholder of "e.g. Example answer". You'll want to change this to something more suitable, or remove it altogether. Let's change ours though to show we're looking for a #.

  • Change the placeholder to "e.g. 2"

Our question now looks like this:

Bonus: Change the field type to "single line text (with number keyboard)"

This question will display a single line text box, but we can also change the behaviour slightly to automatically display a number keypad. A minor adjustment, but just makes things a little bit nicer for patients when a number is expected.

  • Tap the "# units per day" field to bring up the configuration box again (if it isn't already)

  • Change the field type to "single line text (with number keyboard)

Our form should now look like this:

It's a good idea at this point to "save draft" so our changes aren't lost.

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