This is step 10 of our step-by-step on how to create your very own Intake form.

Step 10 – Acceptance & Signature

The next section of our form is the Acceptance and signature. This will be handled a little differently than the other sections though as they already exist.

Add the "Acceptance" aka final terms

If you see the tab called "final terms" at the bottom of the form, this will be the very last bit of text someone sees before signing. This is where you can put any other terms or a thank you, etc.

You can change this wording if you like, but we'll just leave it as-is.

Add the signature & date

By default, the signature for the person filling out the form is included so we don't actually need to add anything here. The date is also automatically recorded at the time of signing.

It's worth noting though that you can use placeholders for the patient's name (i.e. the response to the name question at the start of the form). These are @first_names and @last_name for the first and last name, respectively. These can also be used elsewhere in the form or for a secondary signature. For example, maybe a parent or guardian. You could then add a second signature and do something like, "Parent/Guardian of @first_names @last_name".

Anyway, to the next step...

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