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How do email notifications for form responses work?
How do email notifications for form responses work?

We can email you when there are forms in your inbox requiring action. Here's how it works.

Updated over a week ago

Since our version 5 update, we've had the ability to email you when there are items in the Finger-Ink Inbox requiring your attention.

Turning on email notifications

If you've only just joined Finger-Ink, we'll have email notifications enabled by default. That said, they will only be going to whoever is specified as your account administrator in Cliniko.

If you've been a customer of ours for a while, it won't be on. The first step is to go into your Inbox settings (either via the settings icon in the Inbox itself, or via the Settings page):

The exact setting you'll want to enable is this one:

When enabled, you'll be asked to select the user(s) to which these emails should be sent.

☝️ Only Finger-Ink Portal users will appear in this list. If you want to send emails to a user that doesn't appear in this list, please make sure they've signed into the Portal, and set a password first.

Emails occur whenever there are new items in the Inbox

Here's what a notification email looks like:

These notification emails will send every time there's new activity in the Inbox, whether or not you've already seen this new activity.

What is considered new activity?

  • A response that tried to process automatically, but failed for some reason.

  • A response that requires an additional signature.

  • A response that should try to process automatically, but couldn't because of a missing API key.

Emails aren't sent immediately

In order to reduce the chance of our emails being marked as spam, we only send emails after any inbox activity has "settled down" for a minute or so.

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